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The One World Flag Blog is now online. All Blurbs, Essays, Rants, and especially— Inspirational and Motivational Bits (including excerpts from the best of DoingIt!— a journal of positive living)… as well as the most up-to-date One World Flag updates… shall now be posted on this Blog. Please come back often!

Additionally— click here to download a full-color flyer (~320kb, prints as 2 pages) describing some of the main aspects of the flag, its mission, etc.

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Now More than ever...

The clamor grows for symbols and ideas that encourage us to "Think Bigger!"

In a world increasingly devoid of leaders and institutions which inspire from a place of integrity, compassion and forethought... increasing numbers of us are going inward, drawing upon personal power and becoming our own examples, heros and heroines.

This international symbol of diversity, tolerance, cooperation and uniqueness strives to be a part of that inspiration. Since 1996 this flag has come to represent thousands and thousands worldwide "... because we have more in common as a world, than we have differences between nations".

There are those who'd call such beliefs naive and simplistic. We choose to believe the converse to be true. To stay positive, and to continue to work for positive change and a world that nurtures all... such is the stuff of imagination, commitment and greatness!

Whatever your positive intention in the world, please consider the One World Flag as a banner under which all of our kind can express and flourish.-- David Bartholomew, originator

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We hope that those interested in the aims of the One World Flag
may also be interested in the other intentional work of David Bartholomew and Joan Clark.
Please visit our other websites and see how we are striving for
higher levels of consciousness, quality of life, community and conscious living…
for ourselves and others.
There is much work and healing to do.
Let us do it in joy and peace!

Joan Clark's Palais Aromaetica— the home of all of the amazing work of my wife and partner Joan Clark. Including (but not limited to): The Goddess Aromaetica and The Pet Alchemist lines of renowned all-natural essential oils, tinctures, custom blends, blank labeling, etc.; Joan of Art— inspiring, intuitive art being sought from coast to coast and beyond; The B the Messenger line of empowering goddess t-shirts; The Moon Goddess Oracle Deck— worldly wisdom from everyday goddesses; complete Class/Workshop/Retreat schedule; info on a complement of intuitive Healing Treatments/Consultations; etc.

Joan Clark, Powerful Passionate Women for Peace, Powerful Passionate Women 4 Peace, women's circle

Powerful Passionate Women For Peace— Joan creates yet another circle for all women who wish to come together. New and Full Moon postings allow this powerful circle of women to meditate/pray for peace… as well as support the goals and dreams of each other. Women supporting women. Women supporting the Earth. If you want peace done right… ask a woman!

H-Y-P-H-E-N-A-T-E Productions— purveyors of inspiring and award-winning words and pictures. The umbrella for all of the work of David Bartholomew, including: Award-winning Documentaries; Spirit Photography— fine art still photography for discerning clients and galleries; freelance assignment writing and photography;holistic healing treatments— certified in a number of modalities including body and energy work, graphotherapy, core shamanism, and other esoteric traditions; numerous wrting projects— books, scripts, poetry— in addition to DoingIt!;web,graphic and packaging design;The One World Flag, of course. And a slate of projects coming down the line.

DoingIt!— a Journal of Positive Living. Our monthly subscription magazine/newsletter that has been delivering ongoing inspiration since 2003. Online and postal subscriptions available, each with access to the password-protected member's area. Presently in hiatus, but— 2 Free Sample Issues available! Please click on the banner.

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one world flag, peace flag, world flag, international flag

peace, one world flag, peace flag, world flag, international flag

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