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 See the Thing That Needs to Be Done (including-- Managing the Size of Your But)4 comments
picture 10 Apr 2008 @ 20:16
[excerpted from DoingIt!, May, 2007]

I get together with a bunch of friends for some regular hyjinx, and each time, in order to divide the labor, we choose “captains” to setup and cleanup the space, bring or replenish certain items, etc.

Taking turns is, theoretically, a good way to have everyone do his or her fair share; but I have noticed something. It seems that a select few help out each time, regardless of whether their name is on a list for a particular task… and others do the bare minimum, up to and including-- getting in the way and slowing things down for the assigned taskers, and perhaps even squirreling out of those times that their name is “up”.

In this case I happen to have been one who tries to show up early and stay late whenever possible, out of gratitude for what I receive from these get-togethers. I realize I am able to do this kind of thing. It is suited to my strengths. And I acknowledge that others might make up for their part in other ways more suitable to them.

But… (here is another sizeable but… and I strive to exercise control of, and manage and decrease the size of my but, to the degree possible)... once in a while a lightning fast flash of judgment bolts across my mind as I am sweeping or whatever: Why does so-and-so need to have his/her name on a list in order to do something?

I handle my but by reminding myself that if I am not doing this task in joy, maybe I ought not be doing it. Maybe I should reframe that thought before it morphs into resentment. Maybe I ought to pay attention to what I am doing. Maybe I ought to mind my beeswax!

That I do, to the best of my ability.

Aannnnd… in noting how I admire others who are always showing up… and in being with some relatively newfound pride in accepting that I am becoming one of those people who shows up pretty consistently as well…

… I wish to enter into the minutes of this meeting of minds the question— What would it look like if we all stepped up to such a degree? What might things be like if we all saw the thing that needed to be done… and did it?  More >

 Expansive European Men2 comments
picture 10 Apr 2008 @ 16:36
[excerpted from DoingIt!, July, 2006]

I have this image that pops in my mind of some of the people who just might have things— whatever things these might be— figured out.

I see a bunch of expansive European men.

By expansive I mean— in their generous bellies that they are extremely unconcerned about displaying… protruding as they do under, and sometimes out from under, white ribbed t-shirts and/or an over-layer of an unbuttoned silk floral print that frames said belly below, and perhaps some gold around the curly-haired chest hairthat waterfalls over said ribbed t-shirt above.

By expansive I mean in their laissez faire (“let do, let go, let pass”) attitude (regardless of actual nationality I believe they are all laissez faire, but you can correct me on this) as they sit spread-legged in wrought iron chairs, in front of cafes (and there are always sidewalk cafes where these men gather— which leads to a chicken-and-the-egg line of questioning that I sometimes allow my mind to entertain with respect to these said men and cafes).

Spread-legged and with feet firmly planted. Large feet. In dusty leather shoes long worn into comfort, and in no danger of being replaced… as these fellows always have among their kin… amazing European, laissez faire cobbler friends, able to re-sole without removing said shoe’s sense of everlasting familiarity (unlike those other kinds of shoe repair folks who give you back unrecognizable, new-feeling representations of cobblery).  More >

 Floating Like a Leaf in the Stream5 comments
picture picture 8 Apr 2008 @ 16:47
[excerpted from DoingIt!, October, 2005]

It was a morning on the cusp. One zig where I could have zagged and the day might have been lost… or at least very different. Not as productive, not as… zen. Certainly not as fun to observe myself being moved around the gameboard.

It was the day after a pretty peak day, and I know that sometimes such days are letdown days. Knowing this I also know I do what I can to not devote any energy to them having to be that way.

This being a couple day’s after a long journey… prior to a job requiring my complete attention… and with more than enough nervous energy devoted to each, I allowed myself to sleep-in a bit before even thinking about diving into my relatively long “to do” list.

My head was in a place I recognize, generally: with an awareness of the universe swirling around me and possibilities present to coax me with their almost imperceptible touch should my senses be tuned finely enough to move with that energy. I was beginning to feel much like the wooden planchette that group energy moves around the Oujia board; which was ok, since I trust that only benevolent spirit directs me (and usually doesn’t just mess around and make me spell out cuss words!).  More >