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 What’s Working: Creator of Moments8 comments
picture 10 Apr 2008 @ 19:35
[excerpted from DoingIt!, February, 2007]

I consider myself a Creator of Moments— one who throws out a pinch of magic dust into an everyday situation— a conversational tidbit, a zig where one would normally zag, a fat pitch of a comedic straight-line— a real zinger— tossed right over the sweet spot, dead over home plate for someone else to hit out of the park. My job description here is to create opportunities for us all to transcend the ordinary, ho-hum, hum-drum, mundane, same-o-same and be the better for it.

There is no accredited training program for this. One must become a journeyman and test it out on the journey, man.

As a Creator of Moments I have been pleased to see that I must descend from a line of them… as I am witnessing the work of my brethren and sisters (sistern?) shaking it up all over the place.

In a run of work out West of-late I have stayed on-occasion in currently-under-construction Topanga Canyon. This windy road has been being repaved section by section, curve by curve, to the consternation of many, for a reasonably long time.

In the opposing corner, however, has been this saint of a fluorescent safety-vest wearing, road crew goddess who has blessed, and wished good and great days, and smiled a cloud-clearing smile and waved happily at everyone who has driven past her.
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 What’s Working-- Family Go-Kart Therapy16 comments
picture 10 Apr 2008 @ 15:34
[excerpted from DoingIt!, June, 2006]

I just watched the movie “The Family Stone” with Joan the other night. It contained an occurence that I find common in family relationship movies-- the Oddball Cathartic Episode (O.C.E. according to Bartholomew’s Dictionary of Made-up Medical Terms).

It seems, in film, conflict must rise and rise until only the O.C.E. must, indeed, ensue to relieve the pressure, and allow all to come to love and understand one another. In this case a much-anticipated frittata is dropped, and people slip and slide and basically come out on the receiving end of a good food fight, without having had to suffer the tendenitis that the cast’s out-of-shape throwing arms might have incurred.

Everyone laughs (all the harder on their empty stomachs), and floods, famine, pestilence and hurt feelings all evaporate. The Stone’s hearts now beat as one. The end.

My family being no less odd than the Stone’s... and life imitating art imitating life as it does... I have my own version of a warm fuzzy of an O.C.E. that my own family-- me as the brother, two sisters, brother-in-law, and our dad playing themselves-- experienced, and it went down like this.  More >