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picture picture 30 Sep 2012 @ 16:52, by David Bartholomew

I always feel that taking on the moniker "atheist" or "agnostic" is most often a response/reaction to that last dickhead trying to shove his/her limited perception of "the mysteries" on one: this limiting of divinity and sacredness down to this person's feigned or actual certainty, perpetuated so often from a place of fear, lack, lack of imagination and/or a desperate clinging to what they hope "has to be", but which mystery they haven't truly tapped into or secured into their being beyond fleeting glimpses... and certainly not to the degree that an appreciation of the perfection of all-- seeing each in their divine right place, along their personally contracted journey-- has been instilled in the zealot.

If one can "feel into" gratitude, appreciation of beauty, calmness in nature, love of animals, play and so many other means of connection to "more", then I believe the concept of "G-d"-- as the idea of all and everything, from the humble place of understanding all we do not and cannot yet know... and how far there (joyously) is to go...

... from the place of each of us being bestowed our unique and valid piece, along our own journey of increasing appreciation...

... can be reclaimed.

Just as-- in their "Rattle and Hum" album, U2's Bono introduces the Beatles song "Helter Skelter" with (paraphrasing), "Charles Manson took this song from the world; we're here to give it back."

We know what the term represents-- as the Archetype of all possibility-- and yet we've allowed these hall monitors for God, these finger-pointers, to steal this concept, this word from us. And I feel it's time we take it back.

For It is a word, a concept.. and It is an experience. A personal experience-- of one's existence. And the intertwining between one and the Conscious Creative Force behind and permeating through the Universe... so many levels beyond where the hubris of those other zealots-- those champions of the scientific method conveniently sweeping their as-yet-unprovable underlying assumptions under the rug... is to be had in one's own manner... by one's own (hopefully expanding) definition, by whatever name one would invoke.

I just feel that something good has gotten tarnished through its getting lumped-in with a number of numbskulls... and the resulting disconnect has taken its toll on any who have thrown the baby out with the bathwater, more so than has occurred within the instigators. Echoes of the Buddha's caution-- "Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."

To the degree that one might feel some magic has been lost out of this shutdown to the notion of there being some method to the madness, and there being an ultimate Benevolence infusing this ride; as one additionally might have stuffed any resentment or disappointment-- anger at God-- out of the non-understanding of "why what happens... has to happen?"-- I can only console you with, "Table that for now. The jury is still out. We do not yet have all of the information," and encourage you with, "It all works out. In perfect timing we come into our understanding of our sacred contract to experience all we have known in this world of illusion... that everything happened/happens as it was/is supposed to... there is a gift/reward/opportunity within every challenge... truly nothing is lost... and you will come to the place of not wishing for anything to have been different."

Beyond any impression that these are just words, I urge you to feel into the possibility that such esoteric wisdom has been uttered or recorded in the mystery schools of every tradition through all time. From such a perspective one gains her wisdom, hones his character, increases their compassion. From within the swirl of such thoughts we reclaim sacred space everywhere we walk; discover the Philosopher's Stone; go as deeply down the rabbit-hole as we choose; awaken distant memory; begin our journey Home; and truly begin to enjoy the ride.

Surely now-- we cannot be present at the birth of a baby... and honestly believe this is a random, sterile combination of atoms over time that brings us to this moment? Nowhere can you honestly tell me that there is a limit to the appreciation possible, or understanding available, in a meditation on just one blade of grass or falling leaf... much less an entire field or forest? Is it even possible, in distilling every -thing and -one in this world down to mere name or finite definition-- thus ending the inquiry-- to not be in touch with deep inner sadness for all of the wonder, awe and possibility lost there?

Any place we have shut down, is available to be re-opened. Any line of inquiry may be renewed. Any passion we have allowed to wither may be reignited. All such stifling by way of these "little deaths" can be re-animated. By way of such rememberings we regain our center, such that that next misguided one looking to shove their limited view down our throat, need not throw us off our game.

Here we need only direct our appreciation muscle momentarily toward him, know that he too is exactly where he needs to be, give gratitude for another lesson learned-- be it how "to be" or how "not to be", and stroll merrily along... having not let the bastards get us down.

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2 Oct 2012 @ 23:56 by fiskedavid : The universe is so big focus so small
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2 Jun 2016 @ 17:44 by celestial : What's a picture worth?

Your cartoon picture would normally be worth one thousand (1,000) words.
Today, it is worth at least nine billion (9,000,000,000) words;
One for every person on the planet!

January 14, 2017
I just love your One World Flag! When will the human race unite and work toward one goal?

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