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 An Expression, A Cup and the Whole Enchilada3 comments
picture picture picture 10 Apr 2008 @ 15:53
[excerpted from DoingIt!, June, 2006]

“I Can’t Stand It!”

Joan uses this saying sometimes when she is so excited about something that she is about to burst.

In receiving a great present or treat. Being in France. Being amidst flowers and beautiful smells and beauty in general. I see her rock and shake until she can’t contain the joy of a kid at Christmas… bottled and aged to perfection… and then, pop!, a giggling, “I can’t stannnd it!!”

This buzz is like medicine to me. The non-bitter kind which we have dedicated ourselves to releasing into the world in any and all ways that might reduce or counter the amount of spirit and soul-killing toxins ready to latch onto any one of us in a given moment. The spoonful of sugar that hopes to help the reality go down.

I get excited about things as well, but it is only when wound and keyed-up to that next level of exhilaration… that I realize how much broader my joy quotient could be stretched; how much stronger my own medicine could be.

Thankfully, the stars have aligned, and one of these special, thrill-inducing occasions (a month-long injection of rocket fuel for my soul) is before me now, as I am once again being enlivened by the World Cup!  More >

 With Liberty and no "Just Us": Oodles of Opportunity in a 50-50 World0 comments
picture 7 Apr 2008 @ 23:12
[excerpted from DoingIt!, April, 2005]

It seems much of the world has brought itself to a state of either-or.

Blue/liberal/democrat state or red/conservative/republican . My “one” religion or your blasphemous, misguided, imposter religion. Sadly, much possibility, variety, imagination, toleration has gone out the window for an us vs. them (U.S. vs. them), dug-in, black and white mentality. And we’re just the ones to clear it up. In this I see an immense opportunity.

“All living souls welcome
whatever they are ready to cope with;
all else they ignore, or pronounce to be monstrous
and wrong, or deny to be possible."
--George Santayana

"Let us welcome controversial books and controversial authors."
-- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Where the world we all knew innately as children-- fueled by (questionably authentic) parental urgings to “play nice with others”-- was full of unlimited potential, novelty and worth based on all of the diverse people, creatures and opportunities “God” put on Earth in all “His” Glory, Omniscience and Bounty…

… somehow some of us have come to believe that:  More >