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 Our Work Here in this Life... is to Be Happy.5 comments
picture picture 14 Aug 2008 @ 19:26
That's not some hackneyed cliché' that just wants to roll off the tongue because I don't have any real thought to add. It is my core belief, instilled in me in a perfect moment on a swingset as a kid (and probably much before that), and honed in 48 years of personal work on the planet. This is basically the ingrained knowledge I came in to share, and its time to be expressed seems to be now.

There is a balance to what I will say here, but I will swing the pendulum far enough beyond center, to the side opposite and of a measure equal to countering the doom-and-gloom that well-meaning "cause people" have swung it to the other.

I love cause people. I have been and continue to be one. But I feel a reframing of our outlook has been in order for quite a while. So here goes.

All of this is Illusion. All of it is material we have co-created, along with Spirit… to work with, in order to learn all the lessons we signed on for... most of which can be boiled down to... Our Work Here in this Life... is to Be Happy.

Yes we know we care. No we don't want the Earth to be trashed, species to be rendered extinct, people not honored fully for who they are, treated fairly, etc. No, I am not saying, "Stop the good work you are doing."

But I am saying-- if you continue to do this good work, and the things that good people do-- do it from perhaps a different perspective, that can be developed out of the following questions:
  • Do you trust God/dess, the Creative force of the Universe, so little... to think that all is not handled?
  • Do you think there is no Sacred Witness watching over others, such as has watched over you-- patiently holding the space for each of us to choose and act rightly in any given situation... working ourselves toward choosing rightly (my definition: choosing the thought or act that holds the most Light, highest Vibration, etc., as we all know deeply within ourselves how that looks and feels)?
  • Do you think that any well-intended word or action on anyone's part... could have caused us to act, think or choose differently... prior to our time of being ready to do so?
  • If we can pull back and truly witness Life as this Matrix or Star Trek Next Generation Holodeck or Stage Play or Virtual Reality Video Game, where the entirety of the experience is fabricated out of nothingness, and simply part of the program we choose to run each time out-- consenting to playing our part in this virtual creation... can't we then reframe some of our angst and urgency that all is not as it should be?  More >

 See the Thing That Needs to Be Done (including-- Managing the Size of Your But)4 comments
picture 10 Apr 2008 @ 20:16
[excerpted from DoingIt!, May, 2007]

I get together with a bunch of friends for some regular hyjinx, and each time, in order to divide the labor, we choose “captains” to setup and cleanup the space, bring or replenish certain items, etc.

Taking turns is, theoretically, a good way to have everyone do his or her fair share; but I have noticed something. It seems that a select few help out each time, regardless of whether their name is on a list for a particular task… and others do the bare minimum, up to and including-- getting in the way and slowing things down for the assigned taskers, and perhaps even squirreling out of those times that their name is “up”.

In this case I happen to have been one who tries to show up early and stay late whenever possible, out of gratitude for what I receive from these get-togethers. I realize I am able to do this kind of thing. It is suited to my strengths. And I acknowledge that others might make up for their part in other ways more suitable to them.

But… (here is another sizeable but… and I strive to exercise control of, and manage and decrease the size of my but, to the degree possible)... once in a while a lightning fast flash of judgment bolts across my mind as I am sweeping or whatever: Why does so-and-so need to have his/her name on a list in order to do something?

I handle my but by reminding myself that if I am not doing this task in joy, maybe I ought not be doing it. Maybe I should reframe that thought before it morphs into resentment. Maybe I ought to pay attention to what I am doing. Maybe I ought to mind my beeswax!

That I do, to the best of my ability.

Aannnnd… in noting how I admire others who are always showing up… and in being with some relatively newfound pride in accepting that I am becoming one of those people who shows up pretty consistently as well…

… I wish to enter into the minutes of this meeting of minds the question— What would it look like if we all stepped up to such a degree? What might things be like if we all saw the thing that needed to be done… and did it?  More >

 On Humility: Smaller and Dumber… and Very OK With It9 comments
picture 10 Apr 2008 @ 20:04
[excerpted from DoingIt!, April, 2007]

I have been finding myself feeling much smaller and aware of being way more ignorant each passing day, and that it feels… swell, and freeing, to be in the midst of this.

No, this is not some masochistic tendency aimed at satisfying self-loathing on a large, Freudian scale; rather, it feels like I have stumbled on a precise way to regain a sense of marveling at the creative force, its process and we as examples of that which has been created. It feels like a discipline that can bring us back around the wheel from the jaded, show me people we have become (and there is even a whole state reserved for a certain breed of ‘em), to the wide-eyed child discoverers we once were.

In my meditations and prayers I continue to ask to be humbled; to know humility; to be shown how wondrous any given bit of creation is and can be; to be broken down from the sense of being a know-it-all and being built back up, re-membered, into a being capable of infinitely more gratitude and awareness, with more questions than answers.

I have done this since a kid. Where others wished for ponies, Barbies, G.I. Joe’s… this is the sort of thing I asked and prayed for, having come into this world seemingly aware of a few pieces of the puzzle being out of place.

Over time I had come to realize how we worked ourselves, over time, into this spot of managing our world by this elaborate naming and filing system that stripped awe and astonishment from the equation, and decided I wanted it back.

This is the path that has brought me back into the mystery and magic of the world; back to the idea of my universe as a living, growing organism; back to chewing and gnawing on words like awe and wonder, magnificence, beauty and many more out there on the high, extreme ends of human experience.  More >

 Taking The Wheel of Life Out For a Spin12 comments
picture 10 Apr 2008 @ 19:47
[excerpted from DoingIt!, March, 2007]

Life, so they say, is just a game,
and we let it slip away
~~ We May Never Pass This Way Again,
by Seals & Crofts

Having come, by a truly awe-inspiring and humbling set of circumstances, to a greater awakening of devotion—

-- to the Earth; to gifts that have constantly, consistently and continually been bestowed upon me; to recognition and increased respect for the commitment of the seeker within myself and those I have come to witness in their myriad individual reflections of such back to me; to the Creative Force by all names—

-- it seems I am now being bombarded with snippets and nuggets and moments… everywhere I turn; each, one more bit of proof that more is moving toward the positive in this world than we sometimes dare to believe… and certainly more than is reported to us.

I feel something is awakening in me that will result in increased words and pictures, stories, documentation that hope to be increasingly effective in mirroring back to you the divinity and perfection within you, others, our world and beyond. I hope that you are achieving your own awakenings each day and feel that you are.

The remembering of who we are and can be is available through limitless means.

As I am writing this I am allowing an amazing documentary to wash over me— Wheel of Time by Werner Herzog.  More >

 A Challenge to Artists-- a Trilogy in Four Parts4 comments
picture 10 Apr 2008 @ 18:38
[upon releasing the "I am a Blank Slate..." article in DoingIt!, in September, 2006, I realized it was the culmination of a number of pieces intended to rally artists of every sort (with each of us being the artist crafting our own life)... raise the bar of their work, beyond what I have coined "The Age of Commisseration"-- similar to what Caroline Myss termed "woundology", not unlike the "Four Yorkshiremen" skit from Monty Python-- where we function more from a place of competing for the saddest story prize, and embracing and creating from the "illusion" of the misery of life...

... over the more spiritually enlightened perspective and place of accumulated wisdom, where we can each support and inspire us all on to the Truth beyond the illusion.

As a self-proclaimed "Cheerleader for Humanity", Pollyanna, seeker on the path for 47+ years, I have always felt I cried out for such from the wilderness, waiting for more people to climb on board. In past articles I have urged activists to be FOR more... than they are AGAINST. And with each successive year under our belts, I believe this is the same awareness that more and more of us are coming to.

Toward this end, please enjoy:

  • I am a Blank Slate on Which God is Painting my Life
  • including A Challenge to Artists
  • Healing the Tortured Artist
  • You're Only as Good as Your Last Day
 More >

 Drink First1 comment
picture 10 Apr 2008 @ 16:24
[excerpted from DoingIt!, June, 2006]

And it was as if I had crawled out of the desert, stumbled upon a pump from which to drink and had not the energy left to pump it.

But someone was there to pump for me.

And so I drank.

I drank.

I drank my fill. I rested. And was replenished.

With the energy to carry on again, I first happened to look over my shoulder.

Others were coming out of the desert, heading toward me… and the pump… and the life-giving water.

And so now it was I who pumped.

I stayed, in service, while they took their fill.

And all not only survived, but thrived.


Often we wish to help… to do… to be in service… before we have ourselves been replenished. This is not the way it was intended.  More >

 An Expression, A Cup and the Whole Enchilada3 comments
picture picture picture 10 Apr 2008 @ 15:53
[excerpted from DoingIt!, June, 2006]

“I Can’t Stand It!”

Joan uses this saying sometimes when she is so excited about something that she is about to burst.

In receiving a great present or treat. Being in France. Being amidst flowers and beautiful smells and beauty in general. I see her rock and shake until she can’t contain the joy of a kid at Christmas… bottled and aged to perfection… and then, pop!, a giggling, “I can’t stannnd it!!”

This buzz is like medicine to me. The non-bitter kind which we have dedicated ourselves to releasing into the world in any and all ways that might reduce or counter the amount of spirit and soul-killing toxins ready to latch onto any one of us in a given moment. The spoonful of sugar that hopes to help the reality go down.

I get excited about things as well, but it is only when wound and keyed-up to that next level of exhilaration… that I realize how much broader my joy quotient could be stretched; how much stronger my own medicine could be.

Thankfully, the stars have aligned, and one of these special, thrill-inducing occasions (a month-long injection of rocket fuel for my soul) is before me now, as I am once again being enlivened by the World Cup!  More >

 Be Peace: A Call to Awareness8 comments
picture 10 Apr 2008 @ 01:20
[excerpted from DoingIt!, May, 2006]

We need to be for... more
than we are against.

May 1st. May Day. Traditionally a day of workers and the downtrodden of many cultures standing in unison against oppression and inequities of all kinds. A good day to be playing with the following concepts.

Earth Day. Martin Luther King Day. Bastille Day. Demonstrations, rallies, boycotts. Many days, many festivals, many protests… many occasions for the socially-conscious to show their support of the world and each other… by exposing that which they are against.

I have really been looking harder at current practices and ways of being in the world of causes and activism, how their effectiveness in many ways seems to be lagging, and how the well-intended and action-oriented seem to be chasing off a significant number of the like-minded. Of late, I have really felt myself leaving events organized by these well-intentioned ones with much heaviness, and fighting a sense of having less hope than that which I came in with. I support the ends of these, my people, but see that there is a disconnect between these and their means, that needs to be remedied here.

In seeking to create our shambhala, our place in the sun, our heaven on Earth, our peace… we need to remember to begin first with finding that peace within ourselves and bring that forward.  More >

 Things Better Left Unsaid: Checks and Balances on Being a Smarty-Pants1 comment
picture 10 Apr 2008 @ 00:40
[excerpted from DoingIt!, March, 2006]

“We teach… what we most need to learn.” This concept was brought up again in my life a few months ago by a dear friend and brother, and it has really been working on me. As such, a lot of corollaries of this tenet have been presenting themselves as layers and layers of its wisdom unfold.

Where I believe I am in possession of enough life wisdom and experience, and am of a mind to drop breadcrumbs along the paths of others as they have been left for me… I often seek moments and openings where something I believe I know might help another.

I feel I do a decent job at crafting these toasted gluten cubes positively, and work to deliver them without causing the other to feel accused, judged or nauseous [I season lightly and bake at 425 degrees for 15-20 minutes]. “Speak to the highest in another and that is what will respond” was the lesson of another teacher I long ago took to heart.

But of late I have gotten a glimpse of another style of my intentionality where others are concerned: What if I take all those things I want to say… and don’t say them?  More >

 A Symphony of Recognition3 comments
picture 8 Apr 2008 @ 17:54
[excerpted from DoingIt!, November, 2005]

More and more I am looking into eyes that I recognize—familiar, diverse, joyous faces, notes from a distant (but yet not so) past, singing along with the words of tunes I’ve never heard before, stepping and swaying together through time that expands and contracts like the bellows of an accordion, always on the syncopated beat, playing my part, in cadence, on the instrument that is me.

More and more I sense the unseen Conductor carrying us like marionettes suspended from the tip of the baton, and leaving clues to follow, hiding there in the silent rests between phrases.

I see the Trickster behind the tune’s temptation, Pan behind the pain of the prelude, and feel refreshing cool counterpoint seeping through stanzas previously perceived as simmering over intense heat.  More >

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