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picture 8 Apr 2008 @ 16:32
[excerpted from DoingIt!, August, 2005]

Darkness ("evil" in the parlance of some) is only light disguised. No more, no less.

It is here and real and necessary… up to the point that everyone will have chosen to not be tempted or tested by it any longer, and thus have chosen more light over less in every instance. At that time all may drop their disguises and reveal their true spiritual essence. This will be the time of ultimate celebration and final return to Oneness…

… and one might presume… will be the downtime before the next play or level of “the game” is gleefully launched.

The work is for each to find their true connection with Spirit, to stand in/for their largest Self, to undergo every last test and temptation to choose to live smaller, in less light… and come out the victor.

All the imagery—archetypal imagery—is ingrained in us as a set of clues (breadcrumbs, signposts) on the way back to Source. Through such myths and fables, stories and metaphors, we know of battles—symbolic or otherwise-- waged on our behalf. We resonate to these because they mirror the battles we fight deep in our own souls. We have an array of experience of deeds done and lessons learned by family, friends, characters in stories, books, films, our younger selves, etc., that illuminate the direction of our paths and speak to our movement and progress along those paths.  More >

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picture picture 30 Jan 2008 @ 18:06
The home page of the One World Flag ( has buried within it an initially ominous sounding phrase-- "Now More Than Ever". This could be slightly misleading if one didn't know from whence it came.

It is not that this "Now" in which we are living is any worse than any "Ever" that has preceded it. I am not Chicken Little, and, perhaps more than most, I am certain that the sky is not falling. Rather, I feel as a "cheerleader for humanity" the constant call to urge us all on to higher and higher ideals, increased possibilities, more joy, expanded awareness, self-expression, sharing of our unique expressions, creations, selves, etc... at all times, and in increasing degrees as we are able.

Those who haven't tried seeing and maintaining the light through supposed darkness, the positive for all the so-called "reality" we are faced with, the forest for the trees... might consider such an outlook naive.

In the midst of myriad distractions, illusions, priorities, shiny baubles being waved at us from all directions... pressures, agendas, and all of the hubbbub, fal-da-ra, doodads, tchotchkes, flotsam and jetsam and information overload crossing our paths and jamming our radar...

... a little couple in Kansas--the heartland-- is attempting to sound two calm and steady voices from the wilderness, reminding us all to hold, from centered places between the cacophony and the din, the continued, expansive Vision of what is actually possible... despite all of the propaganda to the contrary.  More >

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