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picture 7 Apr 2008 @ 16:11
[excerpted from DoingIt!, March, 2004]

When I am in the doldrums or don’t know what I might want to do on a particular day or night, I often go for a drive to see if I can jar something loose. On these jaunts I get to any given intersection and just feel whether I should go left, right or straight… and I see where that takes me. Many times this has led to a fun, surprising payoff.

Today I was in one of those moods and the stakes seemed higher than usual. This has been a week of deep processing and soul-searching and I was really pleading to be thrown a bone-- some sign that I am on the right track… toward getting me home fulltime, toward whatever. You could say I’d been having Monday morning thoughts… all week… and was ready to take some action toward shifting them.

The road diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.
-- Robert Frost

When choosing between two evils,
I always like to try
the one I’ve never tried before.
-- Mae West

As I reached an intersection I was aware that my choice was now worded-- to turn in whatever direction felt the most fearful. As a metaphor this was valuable. I wasn’t in actual fear of anything in Sherman Oaks, California. To my know-ledge no assailant has stormed out of a Valley mini-mall yogurt shop or nail salon and assailed a passerby of-late.  More >

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