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January 1, 1998

"Honoring the Talents, Abilities, and Uniqueness in Each of Us, as Strengths that can Benefit All of Us."

David Bartholomew
Originator- The One World Flag

For Immediate Release

Celebrating Diversity-- The One World Flag

Los Angeles, California, January 1, 1998 -- The One World Flag enters its second year with big plans for 1998. Created by David Bartholomew of North Hollywood, California, this symbol of diversity and cooperation, like the U.N. flag, is intended to be flown-- literally or figuratively-- above the flags of all nations. Its (protracted) mission statement:

"...because we have more in common as a world, than we have differences between nations."

This flag honors the artistic and spiritual paths of each individual (the micro), and, at the same time, inspires us to "Think Bigger!" (the macro). It is supportive of all, at the expense of none.

"While the steps of our individual paths may be different, our destination will ultimately be the same, " says Bartholomew. "And it has been my focus to inspire and motivate everyone in a number of ways, allowing them to choose from whatever serves them best."

While preferring to describe what it is, Bartholomew emphasizes that the flag is not "aligned with any New World Order or other power trip or conspiracy." Conspiracy theorists who miss that crucial point and are inspired to "spam" him at his website are urged to re-read the mission statement for key words like "honoring", "supportive", "tolerance", etc.... "give it a rest, and lighten up."

"There are a lot of well-meaning people who end up throwing out more negative energy than positive in their quest to better the world. In as soft and humorous a way as possible, I try to get folks to check themselves, and come back into balance. The big questions, after all, take care of themselves."

And it seems his "thinking bigger" slogan is triggering a chord. Already, many like-minded individuals and groups, nationally and internationally-- like the New Civilizations Network, Global Visions, United Communities of Spirit, Earthsave, and Berkeley's Dr. Huston Smith-- are endorsing the message, "flying the flag" on their websites, and more. Awards-- such as the Cornerstone of Peace and Inspirational Web Awards-- are validating its resonance. And donations from the One World Flag Foundation have already begun to flow to worthwhile projects, with over 25% of gross sales of hats, shirts, plaques, etc. being gifted in 1997, the year of its inception.

By Earth Day, this April, Bartholomew will have completed school study kits-- chock full of diversity, self-esteem building, and cooperative activities-- for a variety of age brackets. "Kids get it. All I need to do there is remind the kids that they know what some of us adults tend to forget."

The One World Flag has been compared to the Peace Sign, the Banner of Peace, Earth Flag, and other symbols/icons/mandalas aimed at supporting increased consciousness, awareness, tolerance, and peace. The energy behind it is powerful. The good work being done in its name is growing.

Bartholomew invites supporters to:
  • *"fly the flag" on your site-- by downloading the icon and providing a link to the One World Flag page at: "" A full description of the image can be found on that page. Simplified, it is a "yin-yang" type mandala of blue sky over green earth framed by the Native American (and other cultures') colors for the four directions. A simple, eye-popping icon... honoring each of us, and all of us;
  • *send e-mail or "snail" mail letters in support of its mission statement, detailing how it overlaps with your own vision of the future, and the actions you have been inspired to take in bringing it to fruition; and
  • *just keep passing along word of the flag, and doing what it is you do to effect your world.

    And in keeping with the spirit that everyone has a valuable idea of what the future can look like, the One World Flag site continues to support all similarly-intentioned flags/icons/symbols/proclamations/creeds/ manifestos. "The more the merrier! I'm a sucker for any expression that raises the hair on the back of my neck, and makes me proud of what we humans can achieve when we put our minds to it."

Spread the World!

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