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Intern Application Packet (updated February 2003)

Thank you for your interest in the One World Flag programs for interns and volunteers.

As requested, please find enclosed information on internships and volunteering with respect to the One World Flag, its mission and projects. This letter should provide all the information you (and your school, if applicable) require.

Consider this your APPLICATION PACKET.

[** Note to primarily non-native English speaking persons: Hopefully, you are able to understand my English. If you do not understand anything I have written, tell me and it can be explained differently. We can overcome any obstacle and come to understand one another. **]

This program, and the opportunities and experiences you will gain out of being a part of it, are worthy, valuable, memorable, and fun. While some of the initial "paperwork" (if you are a student and your school requires it) may not be the most exciting aspect of this experience for you, do not allow a few details, requirements, or bits of "red tape" to put out your "fire" or PASSION for this work!

You are about to be involved in an organization like no other. One that:

  • Honors all cultures, and all individuals for what they (and you) have to contribute to our world community.
  • Provides you with direct access to other like-minded people who share your dream.
  • Offers opportunities to collaborate with others around the world, in real time, to make this vision become reality.

Few have been directly involved in contributing to a "paradigm shift"-- a world shift into higher consciousness. Few have been able to imagine a world where everyone feels supported and empowered.

By your interest in the One World Flag, you have demonstrated a belief that this is really possible.

Together we are excited about this POSSIBILITY.

This program is looking for the self-responsible, motivated, inspired, committed leaders of today and tomorrow. You may not have labeled yourself a "leader". However, it is time you recognized that people in your circle of influence look to you for inspiration. The world needs you, more than ever, to continue being that inspiration.

Whether or not you become an active One World intern or volunteer, I acknowledge you as a positive and intentional citizen of this planet and wish you success in all you do.

You will be accepted as an intern or volunteer once you:

  • agree to the following details
  • write back and explain the aspects on which you would like to focus
  • work together with us to design a program suited to you
  • and (if applicable) have this program approved by your school, and submit their requirements so that you may obtain credit.

The internship/volunteering opportunities are UNPAID, and are structured to accommodate your interests and schedule.

** They are also VIRTUAL. That is, you shall be doing the work from wherever you are. This concept is unique, forward thinking, and aligned with the mission of the One World Flag, and "Spreading the World!" And it works!

There is no facility, no building to which you will travel. Our interns/volunteers/messengers/supporters work "in the field" in the real world addressing unique concerns by way of electronic communication, personal appearances, sending out press releases, etc.

You may be asking, "How do I learn (benefitting myself) and complete tasks (benefitting the organization) 'virtually'?"

Virtually-- by way of e-mail, regular mail, faxes and/or phone calls-- you are guided through your INDIVIDUALIZED PROGRAM on how to:

  • solicit links
  • write press releases or articles
  • seek grants
  • translate the message of the website into other languages
  • make appearances-- speak to audiences at schools, places of worship, and other venues
  • take care of details, work in unique areas of your design,etc.

This program has been designed to provide you with a maximum of PERSONAL ATTENTION and EXPERIENCE in a way you will find gratifying. Drafts are sent back and forth until approved-- until you feel comfortable "speaking" this work in your own way. You maintain your schedule, log your progress, report back and we work together to achieve the current and evolving goals (yours and those of the One World Flag).

The level of responsibility you may take on is limited only by your ability to carry it out. If you have a vision that this is possible, if you wish to take your message to many people, you will be supported in doing so.

Additionally, a system has been set-up in which interns from around the globe are put in contact with each other. Discussions/questions posted from the forum/billboard provide opportunities to deepen conversations and friendhsips.

To-date, we have had interns/volunteers/inquiries from: Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Morocco, China, Brazil, Japan, Denmark, the United Kingdom, all corners of the United States, Australia, Armenia, Portugal, and Turkey... over 45 nations in all.

We have found that working together "virtually" is a dynamic process. Personality and intimate connection are possible via such communication. A primary goal of ours is to achieve the highest, most authentic degree of communication possible.

What you can learn and what we can achieve are limited only by desire, drive, and enthusiasm. You are on the leading edge of human potential.

In one respect the One World Flag is a "startup" operation (est. 1996). However, you can look to a list of goals and forward-thinking projects that have already been implemented and achieved to illustrate the growing positive effect of the flag and its mission. The One World Flag is being acknowledged and recognized. It is happening!

To proceed with the application process, please submit the following information:

1.) name/address/phone/preferred contact information
2.) age
3.) education
4.) related experiences
5.) life goals/dreams
6.) what and who influenced your life goals/dreams

[As you write, reach within yourself for clarity. This process is NOT about what you think we want to hear. It is your opportunity to convey WHO YOU ARE, in the way you choose. In other words, let us know:
  • Who is this person?
  • What motivates you?
  • How do you envision the world of the future?
  • What specific area(s) interest you?
  • Detail the best of who you are, and how this experience stands to fit into your life goals.

Consider this a PERSONAL MANIFESTO in which you may even DISCOVER something about yourself which you did not know going into the exercise.]

7.) Let me know if we have permission to reprint this information to introduce you to others (on the website) and which (if any) details are private and not to be mentioned. Your confidentiality will be honored.
8.) (if applicable) Include any pertinent information on the requirements of your school in formalizing this intern partnership.

I can promise you a fulfilling experience as you join in with others who have dared to "Think Bigger!"

I hope to hear from you soon. We have things to do!


David Bartholomew
originator-- The One World Flag

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