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Get Involved
-Download the Flag to your WebPage (more versions to choose from being added daily)
-Fly and/or Wear the Flag
-Volunteer/Network/Give the Gift of Time
-Intern- for school credit or not
-Newsletter- Subscribe! Stay Current
-Correspond-Forum (Guestbook/Bulletin Board)/Mail/E-Mail

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Your two best sources for the most up-to-date One World Flag information are now:
  • The One World Flag Blog.
    Click here, consider bookmarking this blog and visit for regular News, Opinion, Inspiration and more… including excerpts from DoingIt!— a journal of positive living.

  • Newsletter/Mailing List.
    Click and subscribe yourself for automatic (manageable, no information overload) mailings and One World Flag updates.
Taking the above two (quick and easy) actions … now
will keep you in-the-know… always.

Download the Flag
You are invited to download any of the following icons, "fly the flag" on your site, swap links, etc. Just click on the image of your choice, hold down your mouse button, scroll down to "Save this Image as" or other instruction (depending on your browser)... then format the image and incorporate it onto your own home page. OR-- copy and paste the html code below any desired image onto your webpage. And please link this image back to "".

One World Flag› an international symbol of diversity

For this image copy and paste the following into your webpage:

To download a full-color flyer (~320kb, prints as 2 pages) describing some of the main aspects of the flag, its mission, etc.
Click Here.

Fly and/or Wear the Flag
The One World Flag has already begun to be flown over households, schools, businesses, churches, and organizations with similar, positive intent. Please consider "flying" this 3' by 5' flag (other sizes soon available) in this manner for yourself; or sponsor another individual, family,or group.

Additionally, there are other available products-- flags, shirts, hats, plaques, pins, and stickers-- displaying the One World Flag image, slogans, and/or mission statement. A significant portion of proceeds from these items continues to fund the One World Kids programs and other worthy endeavors. This One World Flag Foundation will only be able to expand its impact in proportion to sales of the above and any grants/donations received.

For more information on flags or other items, please see the Ordering page.


Another way to "Spread the World!" is to copy and paste the One World Flag signature below, and include your statement of support at the end of your e-mail to others.

Most e-mail set-ups allow for you to type in a custom "signature" and set a preference to either add it automatically to any posting, or click on a selection box to include it on an individual basis.

[if this image gets distorted by copying and pasting it from below, please e-mail for a more translatable, user-friendly version.

I Support the One World Flag
an international symbol of diversity, uniqueness, and cooperation

"Honoring the Talents, Abilities, and Uniqueness in Each of Us,
as Strengths that can Benefit All of Us."

"...because we have more in common as a world,
than we have differences between nations."


Of course it all comes down to action. Words not backed by action don't ring long, loudly, or leave much of an impact.

Your extended visit to this site tells us that you are a concerned human, and therefore, most likely have your plate full with the work you do in this world. But we can use some help as well! Please read on to help choose the area(s) of your interest. Then-- go to the Intern/Volunteer Application Packet and begin the process. We will be excited to hear from you!

We welcome help from individuals and businesses in the following areas:

  • Networking. Linking the One World Flag to more individuals and groups. There are many areas to link up. Your favorite area is probably one of them. A system has been designed to allow a multi-person team to pursue many links while keeping redundant "hits" to a minimum.
  • Public Relations/Publicity. Writing and Distributing Press Releases. Soliciting and Scheduling Interviews and Appearances. Enlist to help the One World Flag achieve a presence at Award Shows, the Olympics, the World Cup, Conferences, and more.
  • Freelance Writing. Freelancing articles to newspapers, newsgroups, magazines, etc.
  • Mailing Brigade. Licking, folding... but no spindling or mutilating!
  • Products-- Catalogs/Corporate Sponsorship/Co-Ventures/Licensing.
    • Help us to get One World Flag items into catalogs and stores. Sales of the few well-considered, and well-made items funds the majority of our current and planned programs.
    • If you are a catalog, store or business, consider carrying One World Flag items at wholesale prices.
    • If your organization would wish to benefit, E-mail and ask about our "Affiliate Program".
    • If you would wish to carry the One World Flag logo or slogans on any item please ask about licensing opportunities.
  • Website maintenance and periodic design updates -Contributing to the Educational and other programs of the future--
  • More Programs for Kids, Public Service Announcements, a One World Kids television show, a World Music CD and Concert...
  • And in ways we haven't even thought of yet! There are many, many avenues and directions in which this idea can grow. It is hoped that the list above is just the "tip of the iceberg".

    A "Big Board" has been painstakingly devised to keep track of the current game plan and new ideas as they come. It is a great starting point from which your interest may be stimulated. Certainly there is a place in all of this that will take advantage of your skills, talents, and expressions, and leave you feeling extremely enriched!

    With all these possible volunteering opportunities, we hope you will look back from the future and consider your time invested in the One World Flag to have been well-spent and fun-filled... with the friendships established here proven to be long-lived ones. And most tasks have been designed to be completed "virtually", from wherever you are (see "Intern" below for more details and/or Intern Update (March 2000)), and the Intern/Volunteer Application Packet.


    This organization, while new, is a very organized operation with a clear plan, and set to move and expand its impact quickly. If interning for a fledgling non-profit organization suits your educational needs, please contact us. The amount you will learn and the responsibility you will assume is limited only by your desire. And we will work to help you achieve the requirements necessary to receive academic credit.

    Special attention has been directed at making this primarily a Virtual Intern (Volunteer) program. That is-- in keeping with the nature of the flag as a symbol that cuts across boundaries, intern tasks and duties will be assigned that may be completed primarily via e-mail, correspondence, etc.

    This allows the One World Flag to impact locally in many places at the same time.

    1. We begin the process by determining your area of interest.
    2. Then, after a brief initiation period in which goals are set, tasks assigned, and we determine through correspondence that you are communicating the nature of the flag in a manner that supports both its goals and your own expression...
    3. are free to take on your assignments at your own pace.
    4. And we will always be available to coach you in problem areas, check and log your progress, and continually adapt your individual program to maximize your learning experience.

    Potential majors served-- marketing, public relations, journalism, communications, business, sociology, linguistics (language translation), international studies, and others.

    More information can be found on the Intern Update (March 2000) on the "News" page. And you can apply immediatly by following the directions on the Intern/Volunteer Application Packet.

    One World Flag NewsList

    To subscribe to a monthly One World Flag update/newsletter announcing new developments, programs, progress, ideas, milestones, volunteer news, and more, please Click here.

    You are also encouraged to invite others to join in on the conversation, the work, and the fun!

    This list will remain confidential, and shall not be made available to any outside commercial ventures.

    Correspond-- Guestbook/Bulletin Board/Mail/E-Mail
    The sharing of ideas and visions is an integral part of the One World Flag and its mission. It has evolved since its inception based upon the valuable input of all involved.

    Please consider the following ways to share your ideas and keep this site vital for you:
    -Sign the Forum (Guestbook/Bulletin Board), and add your ideas from that platform. This will be the intended channel for most communication (saving e-mail for concerns that beg to be handled more immediately).
    -Engage in conversations, pose comments, etc. via the /Forum (Guestbook/Bulletin Board). This will serve as the primary venue for ongoing forums until such time as this site begins to handle chats.
    -Send (snail mail) your cards, letters, and pictures of you and the One World Flag in noteworthy places. These for potential inclusion into newsletters and/or press releases, on this site, etc. (by permission of course).
    -E-mail for matters not covered by any of the above.

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